Current Students:

R. Antonio Gomez
Wendy Moore

I am interested in the systematics, taxonomy, and behavior of beetles, specifically ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae).  I enjoy working at the alpha-taxonomic level and firmly believe that revisionary work and new species descriptions are critical in order to further advance our knowledge of the biodiversity of the planet.  My current project focuses on a group of flightless carabids in the genus Rhadine LeConte that can be found on mountaintops, in mammal burrows, and in caves in North America.  The group is in need of revision, and based on the examination of molecular sequence data from specimens from various mountaintops in Arizona it appears that there may be numerous species in the genus that are new to science.  This investigation will focus primarily on the biodiversity and evolution of Rhadine of the sky islands.  I also have a deep passion for collecting new material for scientific research and value the importance of natural history collections, whose holdings serve as the foundation for numerous biological studies. 

B.S. 2012, University of New Mexico

Gómez, R.A, Lightfoot, D.C., & K.B. Miller. 2012. A phylogenetic review of the North American band-winged grasshopper genus, Encoptolophus Scudder with description of Nebulatettix gen. n. (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Oedipodinae). Insect Systematics & Evolution, 43 (2012) 117-145.

R.A. Gómez & K.B. Miller. [in press] Prionohydrus, a New Genus of Noterini Thomson (Coleoptera: Noteridae) from South America with Three New Species and its Phylogenetic Considerations. Annals of the Entomological Society of America.