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Fall 2021 Seminar Series

Submitted on August 31, 2021

Fall 2021 Seminar Series
Fridays at 11 AM          Marley Lecture Hall 23

To attend remotely: Access the Zoom link        Password:   Insects

10:45 am refreshments available on the east side of Marley

Friday, September 17th
Shaun Davis, UA Entomology

Parasitoids and predators: How Drosophila mothers assess and respond to hymenopteran threats

Friday, September 24th
Jay Goldberg, UA EEB

A Sticky Situation: The evolutionary underpinnings of a natural trichome dimoprhism in Datura wrightii

Friday, October 1st
Goggy Davidowitz, UA Entomology

Overview of the edible insect program at the UA: what we are doing and where do we want to go?

Friday, October 8th
Judie Bronstein, UA EEB

Bad-news bees? Causes and consequences of nectar-robbing by pollinators

Friday, October 15th
J. Joe Hull, USDA-ARS

The "fun" of functional genomics in a non-model pest

Friday, October 22nd
Anna Dornhaus; UA EEB

Strong inference or best guesses? How biases interact with data in a complex world in bees and humans

Friday, October 29th
Mark Carroll, Carl Hayden Bee Research Center, USDA-ARS Tucson PWA

The chemical ecology of stress:  honey bee colonies and communication in an ever-changing world

Friday, November 5th   No seminar - ESA meeting (Oct. 31-Nov. 3)

Friday, November 12th
Jillian Cowles, Tucson author and Clinical microbiologist

The thief in the web: kleptoparasitic spiders in the webs of the comb-footed spiders Latrodectus hesperus and Tidarren sisyphoides

Friday, November 19th
Jeff Fabrick, USDA ARS, U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center, Maricopa, AZ

Insights into the genetics and molecular mechanisms of pink bollworm resistance to Bt cotton

Friday, November 26th   No seminar - Thanksgiving recess

Friday, December 3rd
Molly Hunter, UA Entomology

Environmental transmission of bacterial symbionts: upending our assumptions about the intimacy of beneficial arthropod-microbe symbioses