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EIS Program Alumni

Name Year Program Advisor Current Appointment Email Address
Joshua Arnbrister 2020 MS Kathleen Walker Continuing in UArizona PhD Program  
Chioma Oringanje 2020 PhD Mike Riehle    
John Palting 2020 PhD Wendy Moore

Senior Manager, Reagent Development, Roche Tissue Diagnostics,

Ventana Medical Systems, Oro Valley, AZ
Tierney Shaible 2020 MS Luciano Matzkin Research Lab Manager, University of  Michigan  
Meck Slagle 2020 MS Goggy Davidowitz    
Alan Yanahan 2020 PhD Wendy Moore U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Portland, OR  
Isadora Carlos Bordini 2019 MS Peter Ellsworth Continuing in UArizona PhD Program  
Eileen Jeffrey Gutierrez 2019 PhD Goggy Davidowitz    
Elizabeth Bondy 2018 MS Molly Hunter Weights & Measures Inspector, Bureau of IPM, Los Angeles County  
Corinne Stouthamer 2017 PhD Molly Hunter Laboratory Manager, Todd Schlenke's Laboratory, University of Arizona
Garrett Hughes 2017 PhD Wendy Moore Entomologist, United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Plant Protection and Quarantine
Jimmy Conway 2017 MS Molly Hunter Job hunting
Reilly McManus 2017 MS Wendy Moore Lab Manager, Moore Lab, Dept. of Entomology, University of Arizona
Lydia Brown 2017 MS Peter Ellsworth Assistant In Extension, Agronomic Crops IPM, Maricopa Agriculture Center
Benjamin Beal 2016 MS Kathleen Walker National Ecology Observatory Network (NEON)
Angela Hoover 2016 MS Wendy Moore Research Assistant, Bogan Lab, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona
Avery Russell 2016 PhD Dan Papaj Pittsburgh Ecology and Evolution Postdoctoral Fellow, Ashman and Richards-Zawacki Labs, University of Pittsburgh
Timothy Vandervoet 2016 PhD Peter Ellsworth Fruit Crop Entomologist, Plant and Food Research, Aukland, NZ
Pedro Rodrigues 2016 PhD Diana Wheeler Postdoctoral Associate, Cônsoli Lab, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Vishwas Gowda 2016 PhD Wulfila Gronenberg Senior Data Scientist at GlobalFoundries, New York
Daniel Charbonneau 2016 PhD Anna Dornhaus

Postdoctoral Associate, University of Pennsylvania
Bodil Cass 2015 PhD Molly Hunter Postdoctoral Associate, Rosenheim Lab, University of California at Davis
Javier Miguelena 2015 PhD Paul Baker Postdoctoral Associate, Miami University, Ohio
Chan Lin 2014 PhD Nicholas Strausfeld Postdoctoral Associate, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Department of Biological Sciences
Min Zhang 2014 PhD Xianchun Li Lecturer, Henan Science and Technology University
Kara Welch 2014 MS Yves Carriere Entomologist, US Environmental Protection Agency
Antonio Gomez 2014 MS Wendy Moore PhD student, Oregon State University
Nhi (Duong) Cao 2014 PhD Goggy Davidowitz High school teacher
Robert Orpet 2014 MS Yves Carriere PhD student, Washington State University
Andrew Brennan 2014 MS Xianchun Li Entomologist, USA Army
Christopher Bibbs 2014 MS Dawn Gouge

Education Specialist, Anastasia Mosquito Control, District of St. Johns County
Jason Schaller 2013 MS Wendy Moore Manager of the BUGarium, Albuquerque BioPark
Joseph Deas 2013 PhD Molly Hunter

Postdoctoral Associate, Extavour Laboratory, Harvard University
Bruce Eckholm 2013 PhD DeGrandi-Hoffman Owner/Manager, Eckholm Farm, Whidbey Island, WA
Vince Martinson 2012 PhD Moran Postdoctoral Associate, University of Rochester, NY
Patricia Navarro 2012 PhD Stock Regional Director of Research & Development, National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INIA), Carillaca, Chile
Ming Huang 2012 PhD Wheeler Postdoctoral Associate, University of North Carolina
Aaron Beyerlein 2011 MS Hildebrand R&D Specialist II, Bayer CropScience, Carrboro, North Carolina
Peter Asiimwe 2011 PhD Ellsworth Research Scientist, Monsanto Corporation
Milagra Weiss 2010 MS Sammataro Honey Bee Research, Biological Science Lab Technician
Sarai Olivier 2010 MS Becerra PhD student, Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute, University of Pretoria in South Africa
Shannon Heuberger 2010 PhD Carrière Special Assistant in Research, Discovery and Innovation at the University of Arizona
Michele Lanan 2010 PhD Bronstein Resident Research Scientist, Southwestern Research Station, American Museum of Natural History
Victoria Miranda 2010 MS Stock High school teacher
Kim Franklin 2009 PhD Markow Conservation Research Specialist, The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Andre Riveros 2009 PhD Gronenberg Assistant Professor at the Physiology Department of the Universidad Haveriana, Bogota, Colombia
Chris Schmidt 2009 PhD Madison MPH Epidemiology, University of Arizona, College of Public Health  
Jesse Hardin 2009 PhD Byrne Postdoctoral Associate, Center for Integrated Pest Management, North Carolina State University
Jennifer Williams 2009 PhD Carriere Research Entomologist, MGK (McLaughlin
Gormley King) Company, Golden Valley, Minnesota
Alexander Swanson 2008 PhD Madison Litigation Associate in the Los Angeles office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher  
Angelique C. Paulk 2008 PhD Gronenberg Instructor and Research Fellow at the Department of Neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School


Last updated 2 Oct 2020