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Financial Support

Students are generally supported by Program funds in their first year while they take courses and do laboratory rotations.

Students in their second and subsequent years are funded by research assistantships from their advisors, teaching assistantships, training grant funds, or individual fellowships. All students are strongly encouraged to apply for individual fellowships as they are excellent training in summarizing research. If granted, fellowships and grants are prestigious and increase the probability of further funding and of securing positions after graduation. Fellowships also increase student independence. Students who are not legal residents of Arizona, but are on an RA or TA receive a waiver of the out-of-state tuition fees charged by the University of Arizona.

Students who are self-funding, have less than a 'full time' (0.5) RA or TA, or who are on certain types of fellowships, may be responsible for some portion or all of these fees. However, before you pay these, check with Kristina to see whether we have GRS/GTS funds to distribute that can reduce or eliminate your financial liability. These are generally distributed once a year, so you may have to anticipate more than a semester in advance. Enrollment in the University's student health plan for the student, only, is covered by these fees.

The Office of Fellowships and Community Engagement is dedicated to helping graduate students find funding. Visit their website for resources and contact information.

Some funding resources

Last updated 3 Nov 2016