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Graduate Program

Welcome to the Entomology and Insect Sciences graduate program!

We offer interdisciplinary masters and doctoral training in the biology of insects. The Program is flexible in its requirements, allowing students to design, in collaboration with faculty, programs of study tailored to individual interests and needs. We particularly seek out creative, enthusiastic applicants who have multidisciplinary interests , such as insect ecology–plant chemistry or behavioral ecology–neurobiology, pest management–spatial ecology, epidemiology of vector-borne disease–climate science, to name a very few. We encourage students to develop cross-disciplinary connections and bring together aspects of insect biology in unconventional ways. The University of Arizona prides itself in its Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDPs). In today's world, studying complex problems requires an interdisciplinary approach. The GIDPs provide a mechanism for incorporating this principle into graduate training.

We are NOT accepting applications for Fall 2020. The application deadline was December 1, 2019.

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Last updated 5 Mar 2020