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John Palting

Program: Ph.D.

Advisor: Wendy Moore

Research & Interests:

Entomology has provided a lifetime of enjoyment for me, and while I have worked professionally outside of it, I have always pursued it as a serious hobby as a “citizen-scientist”. My first job at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum provided me with an intimate glimpse of this unique region that has fueled a passion for studying its entomology. I ended up working professionally in immunology for the last 20 years, all the while doing entomology on the side.  In recent years I have been an active volunteer with a local non-profit, Sky Island Alliance, primarily in their MABA (Madrean Archipelago Biodiversity Assessment) project, which aims to create an open database of all plants and animals in the Sky Island bioregion. My personal interest is primarily in moths and biodiversity of moths in the Sky Island Bioregion, including Mexico, but I have studied the arthropods of Arizona and Sonora for more than 30 years. This knowledge led to being a co-author with Richard Bailowitz of a book chapter on the insects of Sonora in Biodiversidad Biologico de Sonora (editors Molina-Freaner, F. and T.R. VanDevender, Universidad Automoma de Mexico, 2010). I am returning to the UA as an unconventional graduate student to become familiar with modern systematics under the tutelage of Dr. Wendy Moore, make a contribution to a field that I dearly love, and hopefully embark on an professional entomological career to help nurture this love in the next generation of entomologists

Undergraduate Degree:

B.S. 1992, University of Arizona

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