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Lewis Hun

Program: Ph.D.

Advisor: Michael Riehle

Research & Interests:

I'm interested in new strategies for controlling mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit. Particularly, I am attempting to understand the basic molecular apparatus regulating growth development, reproduction, and lifespan in the mosquito. My current research is focusing on the insulin-like peptide 6 of Aedes aegypti. In most insect ILP genes encode a single prepropeptide with a signal peptide and contiguous B, C, and A peptides. The propeptide is processed into an active form by linkage of the A and B peptides by disulfide bridges followed by proteolytic cleavage of the C peptide, as with insulin and related peptides in vertebrates. An exception is the insulin growth factors (IGFs), which possess a short C peptide that is not proteolytically removed, but this may not be the case for all species. The life-history framework of my study will provide a novel approach towards understanding the insulin-like peptide 6 biological activity of Aedes aegypti.

Honors and Awards:
Graduate Student Travel Award, Institute of the Environment, University of Arizona, 2012

Graduate Student Travel Award, Center for Insect Science, University of Arizona, 2012

GIDP Community Meeting Poster Presenting Award, University of Arizona, 2012

Undergraduate Degree:
B.S. 2010, Abilene Christian University

Prior Graduate Degree:
M.S. 2013, University of Arizona


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