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News and Events

Photos from the 2016 EIS Program Retreat in the Santa Rita Experimental Range

To receive updates on EIS events, contact Renee Angle ( to be added to the program listserv.

Fall 2017 EIS Program Lunches

All Entomology and Insect Science graduate students are required to attend these luncheons. 
Entomology and Insect Science faculty members are encouraged to attend.

For more information about our fall EIS graduate student luncheons, be on the lookout for emails from Renee Angle
or feel free to contact her directly.

Recent Program Graduates

Reilly McManus (MS), Jimmy Conway (MS), and Garrett Hughes (PhD) graduated in Summer 2017. Congratulations, All!

Student and Faculty Publications, Presentations, and Awards

Our students and faculty have been busy! Below are just a few of the recent outstanding achievements of members of EIS program. 

Alan Yanahan (Phd program) received the 2017 EIS Student Leadership Award, for his exceptional commitment to graduate student success through leadership. Congrats, Alan, and thank you for your service to the program!

Lewis Hun (PhD program) received the 2017 EIS Student Education Award, for exceptional commitment to teaching and mentorship. Congrats, Lewis, and thank you for your service to the program!

Kacey Ernst (Epidemiology Professor) was selected by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as a 2017 Public Engagement Fellow for her work on vector-borne disease. Congratulations, Professor Ernst!

Avery Russell (PhD program) and Daniel Papaj's (EEB Professor) were in the UA News for their revolutionary work on bee colonies!

Genevieve Comeau (PhD program) was awarded a Carson Fellowship! The fellowship consists of a grant and extensive mentorship in science communication with media, policy makers, and the public.

Avery Russell (PhD program) and Daniel Papaj's (EEB Professor) research on bee sonication was published in the New York Times science section!


Timothy Vandervoet (PhD program) and Naomi Pier (PhD program) were awarded the 2016 Jack Root Graduate Fellowship for their outstanding entomology research! 


The Laurence A. Carruth Award winners for 2016 are Lewis Hun (PhD program) and Avery Russell (PhD program). Congratulations on all of your hard work, Lewis and Avery!


Congratulations to Department of Entomology Associate Scientist Justin Schmidt for a great NYT Magazine article about Justin and his pain index.  Mentioned in the article is EIS grad student John Palting (PhD program) as well! 


Genevieve Comeau (PhD program) has received a prestigious National Science Fellowship to research the dynamics of vector-borne disease. Congratulations, Genevieve!

Avery Russell (PhD program) was featured in UA News for his work on the evolutionary relationship between bumblebees and flowers; check out the article here

Timothy Vandervoet  (PhD program) has also been in the news; Tim's research on conservation biological control of white flies in Southwestern cotton crops was featured in West Farm Press in April 2016!

Garrett Hughes (PhD program) was awarded the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award for 2016. Congratulations, Garrett!

Last updated 31 May 2018