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Congratulations EIS students and other lab members for amazing talks and posters at the Entomological Society of America Meetings!!

They were all wonderful, and several won prizes:

Matt Doremus, recent PhD, won first prize for a talk in his session

Liam Sullivan (MS program) won second prize for a talk in the same session

Meagan Ash (PhD program) won second prize for a talk in their session

and other UA students also brought back accolades:

EEB PhD student Sarah Britton in Goggy Davidowitz's laboratory won first prize for a poster in the Physiology section

and undergrad Kayla Reddy in Todd Schlenke's lab won first prize for her talk in an undergrad session!

Way to go everyone - congratulations!  And thanks to the GIDP Administration for Carter travel funds for EIS students!


2021 Awards and Accolades

Isadora Bordini (PhD program) and Naomi Pier Dayoob (MS program) were selected as recipients of the 2021 Jack Root Graduate Fellowship for their outstanding entomology research! This Fellowship was established to support students in the Department of Entomology at the University of Arizona, especially graduate students studying urban entomology or integrated pest management.


2020 Awards and Accolades

Congratulations to three amazing GIDP EIS students who earned EIS program awards in Leadership and Education in 2020. 

The EIS Leadership Award goes to the student who supports other students, new and old, with social activities, mentorship, and community building. This year that award goes to: 

  • Rebecca Howes who managed to create student community, plan (safe) activities, and welcome new students in the middle of a pandemic. 

The EIS Education Award celebrates student achievement in teaching, mentorship and outreach (and sometimes all three!). This year that award was given to two students who distinguished themselves:

  • Greg Chism was a critical part of the Graduate College's NSF GRFP Development team, and mentored undergrad and high school students in research, and was very active in outreach, including but not limited to Insect Discovery. 

  • Davide Bergamaschi was involved in both in-person and online delivery of outreach in the spring version of Insect Discovery, mentored undergraduates, and partnered with Wendy Moore in the fall to deliver an innovative, hybrid in-person/online version of Insect Systematics. 


Last updated 19 Jan 2022