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Seminar Series

Seminars are Fridays at 11 AM (refreshments at 10:45) in room 230 of the Marley Building.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
31-Aug Goggy Davidowitz Dept. of Entomology, UA "What do pollinators do with nectar they drink?"
7-Sep Kevin Ferro Postdoctoral Scholar, UA "Evolutionary parasitology of insects: From phenotypes to genes and back again"
14-Sep Shaun Davis Postdoctoral Scholar, UA "Mechanisms underlying antagonistic behavioral interactions in Drosophila"
21-Sep Krijn Paaijmans Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

"Malaria elimination in Mozambique: from mosquito surveillance to (novel) vector control approaches"

28-Sep Natasha Tigreros Postdoctoral Scholar, UA "Insect behavioral and physiological adaptations under changing agricultural landscapes"
5-Oct Mollie Manier* Assistant Professor, George Washington University "Why do Drosophila have such long sperm?"
12-Oct Nick DiRienzo PERT Postdoctoral Scholar, UA "The generation and maintenance of behavior-extended phenotype correlations in the black widow spider"
19-Oct Hagedorn Speaker: John McCutcheon Associate Professor, University of Montana "Genome fragmentation in cicada endosymbionts: good, bad, or just ugly"
26-Oct Insect Festival Cast Party xxxxxxxxxxx no seminar, go to the cast party in the Marley Atrium
2-Nov Kathleen Walker Assistant Professor, UA "What happened to Zika?: Arbovirus risk in Arizona and Sonora"
12-Nov Veterans Day xxxxxxxxxx no seminar
16-Nov Yoshi Kikuchi Research Scientist, AIST, Sapporo, Japan "Stink bugs and their culturable symbionts, Burkholderia spp.: their diversity and evolution"
23-Nov Thanksgiving Recess xxxxxxxxxx no seminar
30-Nov Fernando Diaz Postdoctoral Scholar, UA "The relative importance of phenotypic plasticity, transgenerational effects and selection in thermal responses of catophilic Drosophila mojavensis"

* Co-sponsored by Department of Entomology





Last updated 11 Sep 2018