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Seminar Series

Seminars are Fridays at 11 AM (refreshments at 10:45) in room 230 of the Marley Building.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1-Sep Fall Welcome Reception, Marley Lobby xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
8-Sep Rebecca McQuade, PERT Postdoc Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UA "Exploring a novel type six secretion system in the insect-pathogenic bacterium Xenorhabdus bovienii"
15-Sep Diana Wheeler, Professor Dept. of Entomology, UA

"Entomology unleashed: Historical constraints and a vision of a future of our Departments"

22-Sep Gillian Gile, Assistant Professor School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University "Evolution and transmission of termite hindgut symbiotic protozoa"
29-Sep Hagedorn Speaker: Barrett Klein, Associate Professor Dept. of Biology, U. Wisconsin - La Crosse "Honey bee communication: the tale of a sleep-deprived dancer and her unwitting followers"
6-Oct Insect Festival Cast Party xxxxxxxxxx no seminar - Attend the Insect Festival Cast Party! Room: Marley Atrium
13-Oct Michael Riehle, Professor Dept. of Entomology, UA "Manipulating mitochondrial dynamics in mosquitoes: A novel approach to controlling pathogen transmission"
20-Oct Alison Ravenscraft, PERT Postdoc Hunter Laboratory,  Dept. of Entomology, UA "Where do insect gut flora come from? Patterns and implications of environmental symbiont acquisition in bugs and butterflies"
27-Oct Carolina Barillas-Mury, M.D., Ph.D. * National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH "Plasmodium evasion of mosquito immunity and malaria transmission"
3-Nov Andrew Clark, Professor Joint appt. Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Dept. of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology, Cornell U. "CRISPR gene drive approaches to population modification"
10-Nov Veterans Day xxxxxxxxxx no seminar
17-Nov Sarah Kocher, Associate Research Scholar ** Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, Princeton U. "The interplay of genes and ecology in the evolution of social behavior"
24-Nov Thanksgiving xxxxxxxxxx no seminar
1-Dec Laura Burkle, Assistant Professor ** Dept. of Ecology, Montana State University "Spatiotemporal effects of wildfire on plant-pollinator diversity"

* Co-sponsored by Chemistry and Biochemistry

** Sponsored by the CIS PERT program



Last updated 25 Oct 2017