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Seminar Series

Fall semester seminars are Fridays at 11 AM in Marley 230 Auditorium.  No regularly scheduled seminars occur in the spring semester.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
30-Aug No Seminar Dept. of Entomology, UA EIS Welcome Reception 12:00 noon - 1:00pm. All are welcome!
6-Sep Ken Kingsley Insect Conservation Consultant "Are Insects Disappearing? A review of the situation and controversies"
13-Sep Kyle Benowitz Luciano Matzkin Lab "Architecture of phenotypic evolution across populations of Drosophila mojavensis: evidence for adaptation or constraint?"
20-Sep Stephen Buchmann UA "The Origins and Evolution of Floral Sonication in Bees and Their Flowers"
27-Sep Chris Frost University of Louisville "Plant Defense Priming Depends on the Identity of the Insect Herbivore"
4-Oct Beth McGraw/CANCELLED Penn State "Using evolution to dissect the genetic basis of traits in the mosquito:  Wolbachia: dengue interaction"
11-Oct Hagedorn Speaker: Alex Wild UT Austin "How to take better insect photos"
18-Oct William Meikle USDA Carl Hayden Bee Research Center "Application of continuous monitoring of bee colonies to explore the effects of sublethal pesticide concentrations"
1-Nov Kenny Chapin UA Postdoc, Anna Dornhaus "The complexity of animal contests"
15-Nov No Seminar No Seminar (Due to Entomological Society of America meeting in St. Louis)
22-Nov Evan Palmer-Young USDA Carl Hayden Bee Research Center "Pathogen of most resistance: floral chemicals, temperature, & the bumble bee parasite crithidia bombi"
6-Dec Gene Robinson University of Illinois "From me to we:  searching for the genetic roots of social life with the honey bee"






Last updated 17 Feb 2020