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About the Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs

The University of Arizona Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (GIDP) in Entomology and Science (EIS) is one of the UA's 19 GIDPs.  

Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDPs) comprise formal PhD and Master’s degree majors, PhD minors, and other interdisciplinary graduate programs. Each GIDP has its own faculty and executive committee that oversees the program. GIDPs are graduate programs only; they do not have formal salaried tenure-track or continuing status faculty appointments per se. Rather, GIDP faculty members participate on a voluntary basis and have their home appointments in other units across campus. A number of GIDPs have names that are similar to closely associated units, which house some affiliated GIDP faculty members and which may collaborate and overlap very closely with the relevant GIDP, but those units report elsewhere. Each GIDP typically has a faculty drawn from schools and departments across multiple colleges.  GIDPs are administratively housed in the Graduate College.

GIDPs provide stimulus, cohesion and visibility to the scholarly and scientific activities of faculty members engaged in interdisciplinary research and graduate education which cannot effectively be conducted within traditional disciplinary borders. Through their efforts, a broader range of research and training takes place than would otherwise be carried out at the University and their successful and productive research endeavors may ultimately generate new graduate degree program areas.