2021 Entomological Society of America Meeting

Nov. 10, 2021
Meeting photo

Congratulations EIS students and other lab members for amazing talks and posters at the Entomological Society of America Meetings!!They were all wonderful, and several won prizes:

Matt Doremus, recent PhD, won first prize for a talk in his session

Liam Sullivan (MS program) won second prize for a talk in the same session

Meagan Ash (PhD program) won second prize for a talk in their session

and other UA students also brought back accolades:

EEB PhD student Sarah Britton in Goggy Davidowitz's laboratory won first prize for a poster in the Physiology section

and undergrad Kayla Reddy in Todd Schlenke's lab won first prize for her talk in an undergrad session!

Way to go everyone - congratulations!  And thanks to the GIDP Administration for Carter travel funds for EIS students!